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Posted: February 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

My new-found admiration for street art comes somewhat out of left field considering I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. When I draw a person, they usually consist of a circle and five lines. No shading or intricate details necessary.

That doesn’t mean I don’t know how to appreciate good art or where it comes from. Yes, I’m new to this rich culture made up of hoodies, empty cans and stencils so as I write these words I am still learning and hoping to someday become fluent in the art of… well street art.

Luckily, street art is everywhere, especially living in San Francisco. But I still rely on blogs and websites to find some of the best photos, news and footage of art that is often short-lived.

There are a lot of websites strictly devoted to street culture and the well-known artists that contribute to it. Obviously there are too many to list, but after some research I found out some pretty bad-ass sites that all art lovers, new and old, need to check out.

Sharing is Caring

There are a shit load of sites where model citizens share their street art findings, ideas and ponderings. But none like Streetsy. If you are longing for some human interaction done via the World Wide Web, you can always check out eHarmony OR what I consider the better alternative, Streetsy. People are really responsive on this site that is pretty much a group conversation about street art and related topics.


The Street Art Blog is my go-to site when I’m craving a certain artist. It has its share of recent news, but it also has a widget on the side that lists nearly every bloody street artist known to man. With just one click I’m able to see a video of Shepard Fairey talking about the urban art market and how “low brow street culture and mainstream things interact.” Don’t ever question Fairey. Just OBEY.

Local Art

Don’t let the name Fecal Face Dot Com fool you. This isn’t a site about rating grotesque scenes in a toilet or photos of zoo animals playing with their solid waste. In fact, this site is anything BUT that. Although all things Banksy captivate my simple mind, sometimes I like to find out what’s going on in my neck of the woods… San Francisco to be exact. This site is great for finding out about local galleries and shows in case you’re not a part of the street art social network that doesn’t involve friend requests and poking (at least I don’t think so).


When in need of a dose of news content unrelated to reality television stars in rehab Your Ultimate Street Art News Site can give you the hit that you need. The site offers the typical gallery of photos but also more coverage on news that involves street art and the artists that create it. One of the most recent is its post “Case Study: Street Art as High Culture.” Wait, have I lost you yet? Cause I know anything that starts off with “case study” can’t be interesting, at least not to me. I know you don’t know me that well yet but trust me this is worth reading. What the article stresses is something that I’ve noticed many have come to an agreement on. “Street art was once considered a societal infection that plagued beleaguered urban densities, but the mature examples of this visual art form have now invaded even the most holy contemporary museums and been championed by a new generation of collectors, curators and cultural commentators.” Okay I have probably lost ALL of your trust at this point. That was a lot of words, I know, but this is actually an important topic that I hope to dig deeper into as the days go by.

The site Urbanartcore tells you what’s happening in a more traditional newsy type way. This site is what I like to call the SF Gate of street art. It’s easy to navigate and does a great job incorporating current world news with the street art world. The sites recent article, Brisbane Flood Graffiti shows how when mother nature gives a flood, local crews make art.

If you have taken a look at my about page you know that I am still learning about the complex urban world so these sites are not the end-all be-all of street art. If there is anything that I missed let me know so I can share it to the public.

I guess this is goodbye for now. Hope you are up for taking the journey into street art with me. Are you nervous? Because I am. But I’m also amped on learning more and sharing what I find with you.


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